Appointments - Dr Joanna Gach - Consultant Dermatologist

Private referrals

If you would like a private dermatology appointment you can either self-refer or ask your GP for a referral. Obtaining a GP referral is advisable if you have a private insurance as this is often the policy requirement. You can be often seen for a private consultation within days of calling for an appointment. The appointments times are longer and you will always see the same consultant. Your surgical procedure will be also carried out by the consultant. Private dermatologists will also be able to offer advice and treatments for cosmetic conditions and benign lesions. If you require to have a surgical procedure this can be arranged within a week or sooner if needed.

Please refer to the Private Clinics page for clinic times and contact details of the private hospitals to book a private appointment.

NHS referrals

If you require an NHS appointment you will need to be referred by your general practitioner. You and your GP will have an option to choose the location of the hospital or clinic and their waiting times and treatment facilities will vary. The majority of dermatology referrals are managed by the Clinical Assessment Service which means that some of the appointments will be offered with a general practitioner with a special interest in dermatology or a dermatology nurse specialist rather than a consultant dermatologist. Patients that receive an appointment at the hospital will be seen and managed by a dermatology team under a supervision of a consultant dermatologist. This means that patients are often seen by a different doctor each time they attend for their appointment or treatment. Many dermatology departments have restrictions with regard to treatments offered. As a result, some benign lesions such as warts, cysts, skin tags and benign moles cannot be removed. Patients will receive their first treatment within 18 weeks of the date of their GP referral or for some skin cancers this is reduced to 62 days.

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