Remote Dermatology consultations, Dr Joanna Gach

Instructions for a telephone or video (Zoom) consultation with Dr J Gach

  1. If you would like to have an video or telephone consultation with me, please send an email request to my secure email address:
  2. Please say “Request for a remote consultation” in the subject line.
  3. The email needs to contain:
    • Patient’s name, date of birth, address and GP details.
    • Details of your private insurance or confirmation that you are self-funding
    • A set of very recent photos showing skin of the problem areas (close up and general view). I would be very grateful for good quality photos saved as .jpeg files to be sent as attachment to the email rather than pasted into the email. Please keep a limit of 10 photos per consultation. All the photos will be deleted after the consultation. Good quality photographs allow me to see the skin with a lot more detail then via webcam.
    • Please provide your telephone number that you would like to be contacted on.
  4. Once I have reviewed the information, I will confirm the approximate day/time for the appointment.
  5. Please ensue that you are in a quiet and private location for the consultation.
  6. The summary of the consultation will be recorded in a clinic letter sent by the email to your GP.
  7. After the consultation, I am happy to issue a private prescription. I can take your prescription to the Spire Parkway Hospital pharmacy in Solihull and you can contact them by phone to check when the prescription will be ready. On the other hand, if your GP is happy to pick up the request from my letter and issue a NHS script for you that is also OK. I can also post the prescription to you, but I cannot take the responsibility for any lost prescriptions. I will not be able to re-issue isotretinoin/Roaccutane prescriptions if they are lost in the post.
  8. Please note remote consultations are payable at the same rate as face to face appointments. Most of the private medical insurance companies made a decision to support them during the COVID 19 pandemic, but I recommend that you check this directly with your insurance provider prior to sending the consultation request to me.
  9. Patients who are self-funding will be asked to make the payment before the consultation, the details of which I will provide.

If you are receiving medication for your skin condition, for any advice regarding treatments and self-isolation please check regularly the British Association of Dermatologists website,