Consultations - Dr Joanna Gach - Consultant Dermatologist

Initial consultation

The purpose of the initial consultation is to undertake an initial assessment of the skin condition and provide you with a specialist opinion on your diagnosis, and if possible, to recommend a treatment plan. The consultation appointment is tailored for a single concern of the skin, rash, hair or nail or a mole check. If you have multiple separate problems, you may require more than one appointment. If you require a skin assessment of your facial skin, please remove make-up before you attend for your consultation. Sometimes, a diagnosis or treatment plan is not reached at your first consultation. In such situation you may be advised further investigations or referral to another specialist.

Follow up consultation

A follow-up consultation is defined as any consultation (face to face, telephone, or video) that relates to the concern discussed at the initial consultation.There are some examples of the reasons for the follow up consultation:

Your skin, hair or nail condition might be still being evaluated or requires treatment that is being monitored. You may require a review of additional investigations such as blood tests or discussion of skin surgery results.

You may have additional questions about your condition, treatment, or procedure. Your medication requires review, or you would like to renew your prescription.

Please be advised to book an initial consultation if over 12 months have elapsed since your last appointment. If you would like to transfer your care to the NHS, I would recommend that you discuss this with your GP.

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