Price Guide - Dr Joanna Gach - Consultant Dermatologist

The prices below only serve as a guide. They do not include additional histology fees for surgical procedures which are approximately £389. They also do not include additional hospital charges for treatment rooms and nursing staff. Both hospital charges and histology fees may vary between hospitals. For more accurate hospital costs, please contact the relevant private hospital.

Item Price
New consultation £200
Follow-up consultation £120
Skin Biopsy £150
Excision of benign lesion £300
Curettage of lesion £150
Curettage of lesion (4+) £360
Excision of skin cancer £360
Secondary excision of skin cancer £400
Cryotherapy (up to 3 lesions) £100
Cryotherapy (4+) £300
PDT £300
Steroid injection for keloids or cysts £100
Patch test £300+
Botox (for wrinkles) £200+
Botox (for excessive sweating) £500
Dermal fillers £300+
Chemical peels £200

Any overdue fees will be subject to administration charges.