Botox - Dr Joanna Gach - Consultant Dermatologist

BOTOX® is the commercial tradename for Botulinum Toxin Type A.

Botox is well known as a non-surgical treatment for expressive facial wrinkles. It complements the rejuvenating effect of dermal fillers very well.

Botox is a drug that blocks the action of acetycholine at the neuromuscular junction causing weakness of a nearby muscle. It is a safe and effective treatment and is administered by several small injections. The effect is visible within a few days to 2 weeks and tends to wear off by approximately 4 months.

Your expectations will be discussed before the treatment and your face will be fully examined prior to procedure.

Botox also affects the neuroglandular junction of sweat glands and therefore can work very well for excessive sweating.

Treatment is offered for: